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Jul 21 / edwardsj

Join Orinoco at Thame Play Day this Saturday!

Thame play dayCome and join in the fun this Saturday, 25th July, at the Thame Play Day. Orinoco will be there, giving you the opportunity to see what great things you can make from scrap materials! The day is free and open to all, 10am – 3pm at the Southern Road Recreation Ground in Thame. There will be plenty of other activities as well for the whole family to enjoy; music, bouncy castle, sports and more.

Take a look at the Facebook page for the event for more details. See you there!

Jun 1 / Chris

Summer of Play has started!

Orinoco Summer of Play

The Orinoco Summer of Play has started with a dazzle at the Headington Festival!  A friendly pirate did spot the ship despite its dazzling camouflage.

You can read about the original ships here:

Dazzle Ships on Wikipedia.

Orinoco will be doing play days across the county this summer with more dazzling creativity from everyone who comes along to get creative.

We are still raising funds for a new van, so please let us know if you can help with that.


Dazzle Ship with Pirate


Not sure who this is.

Dazzle Ship

Apr 29 / Chris

Another bag made from Orinoco fabric

Made with the help of the Carol Parks bag book, some velvet, a scrap of Sanderson cotton, an old button and a length of curtain tie back.



Velvet BagBag by Bonfiglioli – Fabric by Orinoco

Velvet Bag

Velvet Bag

Apr 29 / Chris

Upcycled Ladder

 This old wooden ladder looks lots nicer now it has been painted with lovely Orinoco Paint.






Apr 24 / Chris

Amazing Stuff Incoming

Have fun at the molecular level?

We have lots of amazing stuff in. Make your own kite? The world in the palm of your hand? Build a tetrahedron, or a bucky ball? Make your own larger than life molecules? Make a model of your own DNA? Also lots of fine lining material just in. Large cardboard drums are also back in stock!  More garden tools available – lots of hand tools. read more…