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Mar 25 / Chris

Orinoco Needs a New Van

Hello Wombles supporters of the world!

We will need a new van before the year is out. We want to carry on presenting a professional image of capable wombles in a respectable fuel efficient van. You can help. Chris our Treasurer is doing sponsored runs which his company will match fund. You can sponsor our Treasurer, Dr. Chris, or donate in store. Once we have raised some donations we can also look for match funding.    We will need about £8,000 to get a good second hand van which will last a few years. A good, reliable van is essential for all of our activities, getting rid of unwanted swap shop items, picking up bulk paint, finding cardboard boxes for play days, going to play days and Orinoco services in general.

Help, advice and suggestions are also welcome.

sponsor our Treasurer

Sponsor our Treasurer at various events around the shire.

Van the Womble

Drew has made a donation van from scrap materials and painted with Orinoco paint.

Mar 22 / Chris



I made this out of some vintage rulers. We get all sorts of scrap and stuff coming in which can make lovely coasters and place mats. Another idea for film fans is to laminate old video paper inserts and attach them to old cork place mats. Or make one from fabric scraps!

Mar 19 / Chris

More “Re-newed” tools available now!

Garden tools

Don’t try this at home!


Get ready for Spring!  Thanks to our wonderful volunteer Cliff, we now have more renewed garden tools in stock! Once the old handles are burnt off, new ones can be fitted to give these tools a new lease of life. Cliff then lovingly varnishes them and they are better than new ones. Many of these are classic British makes such as Brades.

Mar 18 / Chris


Many of you may have ambivalent attitudes towards these, especially if while rescuing one you were pecked mercilessly by one, like Godfrey; our Artist in Residence.  These two came along to our play event in Wantage for Preschool kids but flew away shortly afterwards.



Mar 18 / Chris

Bags & Cushions from Fabric Roll Ends

Bag 2

Fabric by Orinoco, Bag by Bonfiglioli



We have lots of  amazing fabric roll ends in – velvet and all. There are also lots of smaller scraps – perfect for cushions quilting, bags and so on. Come and have a rummage. What you see in the background is camo netting.

Another fabric scrap below made into a bag.  Design from the book “Making Handbags and Purses” by Carol Parks which I found in a charity shop. The zip was taken out of an old computer bag – no need for expensive hardware, just reuse zips and so on from worn out bags – often available free at swap shop or amazingly cheap in the scrap store.

Cushion covers made from Orinoco fabric at the ReFashion event.